Hi my name is Suzy Quinn, and I came into this world to play and be creative, and to inspire others with my joy and love for life. I have always felt this spark within me to share these gifts, and like so many of us who are here, I was born into a life that beat me down on so many levels for so long that, out of self preservation, I hid my gifts away from the world, and from myself.

The story of my life is a tapestry of beauty and pain that includes abandonment as a baby and enduring severe physical and emotional abuse that persisted throughout my entire childhood.  I could only respond to this by contracting into a much smaller version of myself, accepting the lies that were force fed me, and even making up some of my own lies to explain how this could be happening to me. I made promises to myself to never, ever treat another human being the way I was being treated, and yet I unwittingly abused and neglected myself for years before I figured out that it was me who had picked up the reigns of beating myself up after I grew up and graduated into adulthood.

If this is striking a chord within you, maybe you too have been hiding the best parts of yourself away, buried in pain that you might not even remember. I dug myself out of this quagmire of victimhood, fear and self-loathing by learning to love myself. It took many years and many different healing methods along the way, but now that I am here in the light, experiencing such happiness, love and abundance, it has become my passion to pay this forward and help others to lift themselves out of a darkness that, through time, has become self imposed, to lift the veil of illusion and show you how you too can discover your greatest self in freedom and joy.

One of my gifts, that I only realized the value of more recently, is that I have a rather humorous way of stating the truth about something that is both obvious and unspoken, like the kid who blurts out “He’s NAKED!” in “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” While this gift got me into a lot of trouble on several occasions long ago, I now see it as an essential part of who I am, and I help people free themself from the lies they have come to accept and help them to see the truth of who they are in a most profound and life changing way.

I combine this type of keen insight and playfulness with 30 years as a dancer/choreographer, a lifetime of healing my own pain, and an unshakable connection to my own Divine Source within me, along with a certification as a Law of Attraction Life Coach to bring you a new transformational movement modality called Levity in Motion.

In this work, I will take you through seven sacred steps to go from living a small life of imprisonment in self-destructive belief systems to manifesting a life filled with the abundant fruits of self-love as you say YES to your YES:

1. Recognition of the Truth of Who You Are
2. Clarity & Declaration of Intent/Purpose
3. Clearing Energetic Blocks & Beliefs 
4. Forgiveness
5. Gratitude
6. Embodiment/Radiating
7. Release

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Who is Suzy, and how did she get here?

Suzy Quinn is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, Awakening Alchemist, and holds a BFA in Dance from Cornish College of the Arts.

This is her story.