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We are happy to announce our new workshop series for 2016 

Joyful Awakenings!


Space is limited to 8 participants, so register early! Click the Button above to make your $50 deposit to hold your spot.

You will receive written handouts with transcriptions of each part of the ritual as well as diagrams and notes for the mantra choreographies, a sound cloud playlist of the music we use in the workshop, and as a SPECIAL BONUS just announced: all attendees get 2 follow up one-on-one coaching sessions with Suzy to deepen your understanding and integration of the work. (This is an additional value of over $200) With daily practice, you will sustainably re-pattern your thoughts, feelings and the energies of your body to come to a place of peace, self-love & acceptance where you automatically attract your greatest desires or something better!

This is the life’s work of Suzy Quinn, creator of Levity in Motion. She is an Awakening Alchemist, Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and has a BFA in Dance from Cornish with over 30 years as a dancer, teacher, and choreographer for modern dance, musical theater and sacred dance, along with a lifelong study of metaphysics, world religions, new thought and all things mystical.

Suzy uses her own special blend of playful wisdom and storytelling, asking powerful questions, with guided meditations and demonstration of ritualized, alchemical choreographies and processes that all together will help you to clear up the misunderstandings you have had about yourself and your value in this world, and can over time permanently shift the energies that have kept you stuck in old patterns that have kept you from moving forward and achieving or having what your soul is longing to express and experience in this life.

Suzy used the principles that you will learn in this workshop to heal herself from the wounds and scars of her own traumatic childhood that had left her in a place of sadness, victimhood and being overwhelmed by unwanted life circumstances to finally attracting her perfect life partner (after enduring more than one abusive relationship), achieving her ideal body weight (after being 50 pounds overweight and hating the way she looked and felt), and manifesting all kinds of awesome things from finding her life purpose to consistently finding rock star parking spaces and finding & receiving large sums of money.

Has anyone ever asked you, perhaps in a somewhat malicious or condescending tone, “Who do you think you are?” Maybe you have asked this of yourself, right at that moment when you were about to start something new in your life, and the lack of a good answer to this question stopped you right in your tracks. This is an all too common question that has put the brakes on the blossoming and blooming of so many people’s lives.

Come hear how quantum physics and ancient spirituality have come together in agreement to answer this question, “Who do you think you are?” Gain a healthier perspective about the truth of who you are and learn how to apply this life changing information into a daily practice that can truly change your life.

It is my message that we are each a fractal of all of creation, a powerful creator consciousness in a body. Each of us have had traumas and blessings in our lives that have shaped us into who we are today, and we also all have dreams about something bigger for ourselves, whether it’s a new career, relationship, hobby, place to live or a creative project, things that we would just love to have or do or be, but due to a total misunderstanding of who and what we really are, these dreams have been kept on the back burner for far too long.

I am passionate about sharing my message. This is my piece of the puzzle for creating heaven on earth! Come and find out what yours is.

This is Transformational Movement.

Learn to create your own potent daily practice based on principles of quantum physics & ancient spirituality using visualization, the spoken word, and your most powerful ally - your BODY with moving mantras & sacred geometry.

The dates & times this Workshop are Fri-Sun:

Friday, May 13th 7:00-9:00 pm
Saturday, May14th 11:00 am-4:00 pm
Sunday, May 15th 11:00 am-2:00 pm

Energy exchange - $157

$50 Deposit